MTV x Ondrej Zunka


MTV holds a long-lasting tradition of approaching artists and letting them customize and reinterpret the brand, giving them total freedom to express their vision of the brand as part of their ongoing efforts to promote creativity and true self-expression. I've been asked by the people over at World Creative Studio to work on a new series of artistic Idents for MTV Global to add to its already impressive content in 2018. "Here's the color palette you should stick to and the keyword is 'Anxious'," they said. "Other than that do whatever you want Ondrej and have fun". And that's exactly what I did.

I used this space to yet again dive into unexplored areas - in this case creating custom animated foliage completely from scratch for my surreal Jungle of Anxiety. Getting familiar with Speedtree seemed a bit daunting from the start but after a couple of sessions, the workflow became really smooth and simple. Octane let me scatter these high-poly models around the environment with ease. I sculpted the columns in 3D coat and added the detail in Zbrush. The melt simulation is made in Houdini with a slightly customized setup for reseeding the particles which results in the much smoother and denser mesh.

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